6th Graders "Survive" Winter Field Trip
Friday, February 13, 2015 12:50 PM


Over 80 6th grade students from Northeast Middle School attended and overnight field trip at Camp St. Croix near Hudson, WI, where students learned more about nature and winter.

On the first day, after the first of many great meals, the group played "Predator/Prey" throughout a meadow and wooded area as snow fell gently throughout the afternoon. As in life, the "predators" (in this case, the Eagles) came out on top of the game as teams worked to find "water", "food", and "shelter" while avoiding danger. Then, students participated in a learning walk that included learning about the fur trade, playing traditional voyageur games, throwing tomahawks. That evening after dinner and cabin time, students enthusiastically dissected owl pellets while identifying the bones they found.

After a night tucked into cozy cabins, the students spent nearly the entire second day outside in fresh snow and sunshine. In addition to cross-country skiing, students learned winter survival skills like building shelter and making fire.

Students reported having a great time on the field trip, and they'd recommend going to Camp St. Croix again!

Camp St. Croix