6th Graders visit Ft. Snelling and Veteran's Home (Videos)
Tuesday, October 13, 2009 9:00 AM


On October 13, the sixth grade team traveled to Fort Snelling and to the Minnesota Veterans Home.

At Fort Snelling, students learned about Minnesota history and life at the fort. Students saw the infirmary, explored the Captain’s house, visited the servants’ quarters, watched the blacksmith make a nail, saw a musket loaded and fired, learned about laundry and lye, and learned about the Dred Scot connection to Fort Snelling. They learned that life way back in history was a lot of work!

From Fort Snelling we traveled to the Minnesota Veterans Home where students interviewed Minnesota veterans. Students were amazed to hear stories of war and to learn that some of the veterans fought in World War II. Students did a great job conducting their interviews -- and then they played Bingo with the veterans.

As an MYP school, we expect our students to be involved in their communities. We are thankful that the veterans were willing to share their stories with us, and we are thankful for the time and resources that they gave our country.


Video by Veann Beutler, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Video by Veann Beutler, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher