8th Grade Completion Ceremony Information
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 10:55 AM


Our 8th grade completion ceremony will take place on June 7th at Northrup Auditorium! Here are some helpful details:

· Invitations were handed out on 5/24 to all eligible students
· Students must be passing their current classes and made up any Credit Recovery by June 1st to be eligible to participate in the ceremony
· Students who did not receive an invitation on 5/24 will receive one when they are passing all of their classes (no later than June 1st)
· Students cannot meet at Northrup, students need to come to school on June 7th and we will take school busses to the U of M.
· Students should be dressed appropriately for this event.  This generally means wearing “nice” clothes.  Some students dress-up for this event but it is not necessary.  Please be mindful that students still need to follow the school dress code.
· Students must be at school by 9:00 on June 7th
· Students can bring as many people as they want, Northrup is very large, but they will only receive one Parking voucher.  If people come in multiple cars, they will have to pay for parking on their own.
· Parking vouchers will be distributed after the ceremony and will help us account for what students are leaving with a parent/guardian and which students are returning to school.
· Students can leave directly after the ceremony with their parent/guardian.  They will need to sign out and this will also be the process to get the parking voucher.
· There will be a bus for students who want/need to return to school
· The ceremony will start at 10:30 and should be over by 12:30
· The ceremony will include staff and student speakers, a dance performance, a sample of student capstone projects and students will cross the stage while their name is read.  They will also be receiving a Certificate.
· Other awards will be given in advance, on May 24th, during an 8th grade assembly.
· There will be cookies and lemonade in the lobby after the ceremony.
· No balloons!  They are not allowed in the building at all.