Another Winning Season!
Friday, October 26, 2012 9:00 AM


On Thursday, October 25th,  at Washburn Field, the Nighthawks dominated a feisty Panther platoon to retain their title as Citywide Middle School Tackle Football Champions.  

Leading with a punt return for a quick six points late in the first quarter, the Northeast Nighthawks held the Olson Panthers scoreless in the first half with their crushing defensive play. Neither side managed much of an aerial game, although the Nighthawks picked up six on a completion executed with textbook precision. The Panthers managed one successful scoring drive to reach the end zone with less than two minutes remaining, making good on their conversion try. The Nighthawks capped the evening 30-8, making a convincing case for their top standing. Congratulations to coaches Harris, North and Singleton, and to all the young scholar-athletes on this year’s team!