Check out the American History trip to Chicago! (Video)
Friday, February 05, 2010 9:30 AM


Surayyah Mitchell wrote this article for the "Nighthawk News" which is published through the Beacons Afterschool Program.

"The 7th grade students are planning to go on a college road trip to Chicago and visit historical sites and plan to have real fun on this out-of-state trip. Seventh grade AVID students are other 7th grade students have chosen to go on this fantastic trip! On this trip they will be traveling on a Richfield Transportation bus. They will be staying at the Embassy Suites located in Chicago, Illinois. They will be going to the Millennium Park, the Bulls vs. L.A. Clippers game, Chicago Trolley Double Decker, Sears Tower, Old Water Tower/Buckingham Fountain, Chicago History Museum, and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. Lots of the students say they are ready to go on this trip and they plan to have lots of fun away from home.

The main reason they are taking this trip is to go see colleges. They get to go to the University of Wisconsin and Beloit College in Wisconsin. They will get to see some interesting things at the colleges and maybe one day they will choose to go there!

Everyone is very excited about this trip, and hopefully everyone will come back with some new knowledge about college and history!"

Check out these pictures from this year's trip!