Chess Champs from Northeast
Thursday, January 12, 2012 7:00 AM


While the NEMS chess team placed a respectable 4th behind three high school teams, our players took a number of middle school honors, including the #1 ranking. To gain a fuller appreciation of their accomplishment, only 1.5 points separated the top four teams, and that is in a city-wide tournament where 7th to 12th grade players all play each other, so our young players likely play much older players. 

Playing for Northeast and coming in at 2nd place in the 7th-12th grade division was NEMS student Tracy Shaffer. She received the award for Top Female Player in the tournament. Utkarsh Kumar (7th grade) also took 2nd place and Chue Moua (8th grade) finished in 3rd place. That means Northeast had the top 3 middle school players in the tournament -- congratulations! Additionally, quite a number of the more successful high school players are NEMS Chess alumni. 

Chess at Northeast Middle School is a Beacons after school activity which is open to all students, and Coach Ken Vreeland emphasizes the fun aspects of the game with results that speak for themselves.