Northeast wins DQ Blizzard Cup!
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 3:55 PM


Congratulations to Sofia Caprini, Melinda Chang, Florentina Fanapin, Irwin Flores, Gao Khang, and Malik Riley who won first place at the DQ Blizzard Cup! On Saturday, Dec. 1, these six students from the Northeast Community Ed Beacons program participated in a knowledge bowl sponsored by Dairy Queen International. Participants were quizzed in four areas: Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Study packets and equipment were provided to each team in the weeks prior to the meet so that participants could practice "buzzing in" and answering questions quickly and correctly.

This year's team demonstrated great ability to work as a team, and they showed good sportsmanship throughout the competition. The team was coached by Andrea Schenk and Barbara Kapala. Families and friends were at the competition to support the team, too. Northeast was surprised and pleased to win first place, and the team also was also awarded trophies in math, language arts and social studies.

UPDATE: The six members of the Northeast Knowledge Bowl team competed in a regional meet at South View Middle School in Edina on February 7. More than fifty teams were involved in this competition which was the final meet of the year for this particular group of teams. Most of the other teams had been competing in Knowledge Bowl throughout the year, but it was the first actual Knowledge Bowl meet for the Northeast team.

Members of the team are Sofia Caprini, Florentina Fanapin, Melinda Chang, Malik Riley, Gao Khang, and Irwin Flores. In December, this team had competed in and won the DQ Blizzard Cup Bowl, sponsored by International Dairy Queen. The team generously donated a portion of their prize money to buy some sound and lighting equipment for the school. They are also helping to sponsor an upcoming school dance in March. (Here is the original article regarding the Blizzard Bowl.)
Gina Jacobson, from Success Beyond The Classroom, had encouraged the group to attend the February 7th competition. The main purpose for their participating was to be able to experience a large Knowledge Bowl meet. Although the team did not win, they made an impression on the officials in the room they were assigned to compete in. The officials gave great feedback about their enthusiasm, teamwork, and positive attitudes. The team enjoyed the experience very much. Five of the six are eighth graders and some have asked about Knowledge Bowl possibilities for high school.
We are all proud of our team for their generosity and for their willingness to step out and expand their horizons in this way.