Earth Day Projects
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 10:25 AM


Northeast Middle School participated in the 5th Annual Neighborhood Forest program. Students registered through AVID class and online to receive a free tree to plant for Earth Day. Students were excited to plant their trees as a way to beautify and green our communities.  


And from Mr. Grandys': "When the students saw my Happy Earth Day greeting by their daily learning target, one student enthusiastically asked, "Can we go outside and clean?!" After some spontaneous organization, a group of about 30 6th graders from different World Language classes teamed up and competed to see who could gather the most garbage from around our school. They followed the rules, worked together, and were extremely respectful. At the end, we looked at all the garbage from around our building and discussed how littering can have a snowball effect if everyone does it just a little bit. The students expressed their surprise and disappointment at how much garbage they had collected, despite the fact that the Engineers pick up litter on a regular basis. The students' eyes were really opened up to the idea that their actions affect the world around them, and they successfully claimed responsibility for and took care of their learning environment.