First Parent Involvement Group Meeting
Thursday, October 08, 2009 9:00 AM


After a great discussion, the parents and staff at the first Parent Group determined that two main ideas emerged -- 1) that parents need/want a lot of information from school staff and 2) that parents want to know what they can do to help teachers and students. Based on these main ideas, we decided to use the following format for initial meetings: Issues/Curriculum/Focus Groups

1. Informational presentation/discussion about policies & procedures: 30 minutes
2. Information presentation/discussion about curriculum & teaching: 30 minutes
3. Work in Focus Groups (i.e. event planning, volunteering, fundraising, etc.): 30 minutes

For the first meeting in this format (which will be November 12), the group decided to address the following:

1. Behavior/Discipline Policies and Procedures (with the appropriate staff)
2. All about IB ... IB/MYP, IB in high school, etc. (with the appropriate staff)
3. Determine focus groups based on a "needs list" which the school will provide


Please see Parent Group Meetings for more information