The GISE did great!
Monday, May 09, 2011 4:40 PM


Making a CO2 car takes a lot of detailed planning, drawing, measuring, cutting, sanding, testing, more cutting and sanding, more measuring, revising, more sanding and painting.  Then two cars at a time are launched down a track with compressed carbon dioxide gas at speeds approaching 50 mph.  The winning car of each heat advances to the next round.  

After endless heats with hundreds of cars from across the district two cars remained in the Middle School Division:

"Look At Us, We're So Special" created by Van Kirwin and Ritchie Paul


"The Wrench" created by Jan Kij and Alex Roelofs

The Wrench won that round and then competed against Green Envy from Pillsbury, the winner of the Elementary division.  The Wrench won by a hair cementing our claim to the title of fastest car in Minneapolis.  The same car also won an award for Aesthetics, as did "Dragon" by Ethan Nevalainen and "The Wave" by Jordan Paredes and Wahnonce Alle-Donovan.  

The boys also had to complete an interview with expert judges where they presented a portfolio outlining how they followed the steps of the design cycle. Several of our GISE, including Noah Wrolson and Caleb Widstrand, were recognized in this category for their superior knowledge of design and impressive interview skills.   

Congratulations to all of the following participants as well as their leaders: Jason Jirsa, Randy Hedlund, and Mr. Washington. For more information about GISE, visit




The Wave

Jordan Paredes

Wahnonce Alle-Donovan

Man Up Like a Scandanavian

Charlie Pratt

Joey Beltran


Ethan Nevalainen



Noah Wrolson

Caleb Widstrand

The Nuke

Kaiser Ritschel

Chris Roelofs

Look at Us; We're so Special.

Van Kirwin

Ritchie Paul


Vincent Bystedt


The Spear

Ian Kivi

Bob Reynolds

The Wrench

Jan Kij

Alex Roelofs

The Malamute

Austin Laurel

Jordan Holmes


Nickolas Johnson

Dusty White

So Outrageous

Brandon Jackson

Thomas Speiss