Knowledge Bowl Success for NEMS Team 1st Meet!
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 11:50 AM


In December, the Northeast Quiz Bowl team won the Blizzard Bowl against Nellie Stone Johnson and Anne Sullivan/Anishanabe. The team was rewarded for their hard work and great effort in the Minneapolis Beacons Blizzard Bowl by participating in the Middle School Knowledge Bowl Grand Finale against teams from other school districts. Part of the success of a Knowledge Bowl team is chemistry, and this team had great rapport with one another, and really enjoyed the larger Knowledge Bowl experience.

Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition in which Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts questions are asked. The meet begins with a written round. Each team works on answering written questions together. Then answers  are collected and teams  are matched against others with a similar score on the written round. Our team was in a room with two other teams from other schools. Each team is seated at a table and has a buzzer strip on their table. Questions  are read by an adult reader. The first team to buzz in gets the first chance to answer the question. They  have fifteen seconds to answer.
Congratulations to the team and coaches! This year's Knowledge Bowl team was:
Connor Arneson, Taunicia Cobbin, Zella Fluegel-Murray, Margret Ritschel, Candy Smith and Nouci Thao.


Knowledge Bowl