NEMS Artists' Work Displayed Downtown
Wednesday, February 01, 2012 1:25 PM


This February features the 18th Annual Viva City Arts Festival. NEMS is well-represented by 7th grader Nadija Hunt's four-panel screen work done in the Japanese style; 6th grader Ellie Kleinsasser's multi-panel screen piece; 7th grader Genevieve Benson's sensitive self-portrait in pastels (inspired by the work of Leonardo DaVinci); and a whimsical pencil drawing done by 8th grader Charlie Pratt that amply demonstrated artistic ability, a solid grasp of the rules of perspective, and a good grounding in the techniques of observational drawing. An honorable mention goes out to Andre Lockwood for his cut-work piece featuring lizards which was done during the Design Cycle's first trimester.

The middle school art exhibition continues at the downtown Central Library's Cargill Gallery through February 29th.