NEMS Debate Team Sweeps First Tournament!
Friday, December 05, 2014 9:45 AM

Debate Team
Debaters: Connor, Graham, Zella, Eleanor, Margret, Mykenzie, Vasthy, Fathiya, Ginger, Elsa, Zadye, Keyshonna

At the first tournament of the year sponsored by the Minnesota Urban Debate League/Augsburg University, the NEMS Debate Team truly made a name for themselves.  Each of the twelve students who attended placed both individually and in pairs.  Several pairings went undefeated for the three rounds of competition, and of the three Rookie pairings representing our school, they SWEPT the top three spots.  This was an unprecedented accomplishment.

The team will participate in four tournaments this year. They meet on Mondays and Wednesdays as an After School Activity. Kids can join the team, which is coached by Michael Grandys and assisted by Edison student and debater, Ricardo, at any time.

The topic for the first tournament was: US Gov't should increase Aqua-Culture (Fishing and fish farming).

The students who attended the first meet are:

Zella Fluegel-Murray, Eleanor Craig, Margret Ritschel, Mykenzie Cole, Ginger Benson-Nicheallachain, Elsa Olson, Connor Arneson, Graham Kirwin, Keyshonna Bell, Vasthy Anang, Fathiya Musse, Zayde Jones