NEMS Director Dudly Voigt Featured on the Daily Planet
Saturday, February 18, 2012 7:45 PM


An excert from the article by Robin Sauerwein:

"According to Voigt, not all communities and all middle schools have the program and support that Northeast Middle School does. At Northeast, support has come from the quality of the work. People support it because it’s good and because they have really high production values. Voigt attributes this to talented parents, (e.g. the set is being built by the tech director of the Minnesota Opera and the costumes are designed by a very creative costume designer).

“It’s hard not to be impressed,” she said.

As an evaluator for the Spotlight Awards, a high school music program, Dudley has seen enough high school musicals from all over the state to know that not all high school productions have the production values that Northeast does.

“We are really lucky that people are committed to having high quality experiences for our kids and for our community. When it’s good, people come. People want to bear witness and be part of something that is successful and that translates to the kids,” she said.

“I am both confident and still able to be surprised by what can happen in three years of middle school and that shows up in a lot of different ways,” she said. “Watching an 8th grader really step up and thinking back to where they were as a 6th grader is rewarding. I guess it’s relationships in the end. Giving people permission to be great. Sometimes you have to get out of their way and let them be awesome.”"