NEMS Students Head to BizTown
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 8:55 PM


Junior Achievement’s BizTown offers young people a chance to participate in a simulated economy -- they start and run their own businesses, borrow money, make payroll, pay taxes, and work to produce goods and/or services. 

On Tuesday, January 11th, Northeast Middle School students ran a variety of companies -- including a radio station, newspaper, gift shop, and grocery store -- in the miniature world maintained by Junior Achievement at their Maplewood location on White Bear Avenue. In addition, they had fun learning a bit about personal finance as they opened their own bank accounts and made their own spending decisions.  

From initial investment to the final profit (or loss) it all takes place in a matter of hours. Thanks to JA BizTown, NEMS kids know firsthand what it means to “take care of business!”