NHD Winners Advance - UPDATED
Saturday, May 03, 2014 1:45 PM



Irwin Flores advanced to the third and final round at the state competition for National History Day on May 3rd. He received an honorable mention which placed him in the top ten for middle school students in the category of individual website for the state of Minnesota.

Irwin was proud to represent his 8th grade AVID class and Northeast Middle at both the district and state levels of competition. His website was on African Apartheid: http://78263460.nhd.weebly.com




Congratulations to Irwin Flores who will move on to the state competition with his History Day website on South African Apartheid!
Also, congratulations to Margret Ritschel and Ruby Sakes who received an "honorable mention" for their performance on Nellie Bly.
All of the students from NEMS did an outstanding job competing at the district level -- good job everyone!




Northeast Middle School's National History Day competition was held on Tuesday, March 4th, and Wednesday, March 5th. Students presented their projects in the media center during their assigned 7th grade U.S. Studies class with Ms. Nelson or Ms. Doten or 8th grade AVID class with Ms. Adams. 

The judges awarded first, second, and third place in the categories of individual display boards, group display boards, and websites. The top three in each category advance to the district level competition on Saturday, March 22nd, at Anwatin Middle School.

Research papers will continue to be evaluated through the off-site judging process. Students in this category will not have an interview at the district level contest, but they will be interviewed if they move on to the State History Day competition.

Congratulations to the following students!



1st = Irwin Flores (South African Apartheid - http://78263460.nhd.weebly.com)

2nd = Mai Der Vang (Child Labor - http://25768451.nhd.weebly.com/)

3rd = Graham Kirwin (Watergate - http://26375727.nhd.weebly.com)



1st = Margret Ritschel and Ruby Sakes (Nellie Bly)



1st = Vasthy Anang (Nelson Mandela)



1st = Ella Haugesag (Title Nine Act)

2nd = Nasteha Elmi (Malcom X)

3rd = Jackson Rusnacko (The Berlin Wall)

4th = Giovanni Green (WWII Pilots and Planes)

5th = Gelsey Paredes (Elie Wiesel)


Exhibit - Group

1st  = Gabriel Spinks and Brandon Arneson (Jack Kevorkian)


Research Paper

1st - Connor Arneson

2nd - Ronaldo Gabino Vazquez