Nighthawks Win!
Thursday, October 27, 2011 10:30 PM


They'd met twice before this season, these two "birds of a feather."  Sanford's Hawks had given our Nighthawks an early wake-up call by handing them their first defeat of the season. Later, in the re-match, these same Hawks had done something no other team in the District had managed to do to that point: they shut the NEMS gridders out, leaving them 5-2 for the regular season.   

None of that seemed to matter this time around -- in what had to go down as one of the most closely matched defensive contests seen at this level of play in years, the Nighthawks held the Hawks scoreless for four straight quarters. The Hawks - never lacking in heart or stamina - returned the favor.

And so the game went into overtime, which in this case, meant one team would get four downs to score from the twenty. Failing that, the other would get that same chance. With fans on both sides of the field holding their collective breath, the Hawks went first - and go they did. Just not quite far enough.

With the Northeast taking possession on the Hawk twenty yard line, the Nighthawks swept left to set up the one and only score of the game to win it all, by a touch-down on short and goal, 6-0.