R.O.T. Recycling Begins (Pics)
Monday, September 28, 2009 9:00 AM


As part of a district initiative, NEMS has begun a recycling program called “Let’s R.O.T.” (Reduce Our Trash)

On Monday, September 28, 2009, students started to throw away their trash only after separating out their food for composting. Student helpers were ready and happy to help their classmates in an excellent demonstration of student leadership. During the first week of R.O.T., Abby Pratt, Ashley Bates, Anna Pearson, Chu Moua, Nikko Woods, Jimmy Willand, Liam Davis-Temple, Skye Horton, Jan Kij, Robert Kollie, Latasha Johnson, Careen Johnson, and Keleta Day greeted fellow students at the recycling bins. Aided by displays made in Katie Maier’s AVID class, students learned organic materials (such as food) go in the green bins, other recyclable materials (such as bottles and cans) go in the blue bins, and trash (non-organic, non-recyclable) goes in the red bins.

Even on the first day, our goal of having a student-led cafeteria recycling program was well on its way to being met. Starting soon, student council members will become permanent recycling assistants.

When at school, remember:
Green Bins = Organics
Blue Bins = Recyclables
Red Bins = Trash