Students Meet their Mentors at College (Pics)
Friday, April 23, 2010 9:30 AM


On Friday, April 23rd, Educational Talent Search (along with Ms. Beutler and Mr. Erdmeier) took 6th grade students to St. Olaf College for the last mentor visit of the year. These students have been writing to their college student mentors from St. Olaf College since the beginning of the school year in order to discuss topics such as college readiness and preparation. The students have also had two opportunities to meet their mentors: once at Northeast and another time at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

This last field trip exposed the 6th grade students to a four-year private college. During the visit, students explored the campus, ate in the fabulous cafeteria, and had their questions answered by a college student panel.  All these activities helped give the 6th grade students a better knowledge of what college life is like.

Visiting Mentors at St. Olaf