"World Savvy" Students from NEMS
Friday, May 19, 2017 1:40 PM


Twenty 8th graders from Northeast Middle School competed in a "World of Good" -- a competition through World Savvy. Toby Beck and Cody Reinert won second place in the junior division for exhibits and Caleb Gadbois won second place in the junior division for artwork - congratulations! The following students participated in the competition by putting a lot of extra time and effort into their respective projects:

Nageli Olmes-Koehnen, Jaqueline Garcia Espindola, Glenda Osorio Pinto, St. Joseph Gnakadja, Mimi "Caleb" Gadbois, Esther Kohlmetz, Amethyst Maddison, Valeria Castaneda Ramos, Alexander "Sasha" Resig, Carlos Chasi Mejia, Shruti Jayavardhanan, Hnukusha Vue, Alexis Luanne, Hannah Charles, Kari Dyer, Sandy Llapa, Amiyah Bridgewater, Wahbo Othman, Elijah Wright-Holmes, Jesus Andrade-Almenza, Toby Beck, Cody Reinert.