Another Lunch Option for NEMS Students on 09/27/19
Friday, September 27, 2019 12:00 PM

Northeast Middle School students will have another option for lunch today (Friday, September 27) courtesy of Minneapolis Public Schools’ Street Eats Food Truck: Turkey alambre tacos with cilantro lime rice, seasoned black beans, fruit, and milk!

This is in addition to today's regular lunch options, which are a turkey pepperjack melt with Tuscan bean soup, the Minneapolis deli, and/or a sunny cranberry chicken salad.

As a reminder, menus for breakfast, lunch, and after school are available on the "Menus" page of the Culinary & Wellness Services section of the MPS website.

Finally, the MPS Street Eats Food Truck is available "for district, school and community functions"; for more information, please visit the "Food Trucks & Catering" page on the Culinary & Wellness Services department page on the MPS website.