MPS Needs Your Input to Plan for In-Person Learning
Monday, October 12, 2020 4:00 PM

MPS Needs Your Input to Plan for In-Person Learning

Like many students and families, MPS hopes to return to in-person learning at some point this school year -- in a safe, responsible way.

As part of our effort to make informed decisions about learning for MPS, we’d like to know how comfortable you are with returning to school in-person.

Please complete this survey of your family’s preferences as soon as possible. It should take less than 10 minutes.

The information collected will be critical to understanding if MPS can safely and successfully introduce more in-person learning. Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the survey and how MPS approaches changes to the 5 Phases to Safe Learning.

Thank you for taking time to respond to the survey. We appreciate your time and your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

By when do we need to complete the survey?
Monday, 10/19.

Is our response to the survey binding? If we say we prefer in-person learning, can we change our minds?
Families will be asked in the future to officially opt-in to Distance Learning if and when we move to some form of in-person learning. This survey is simply to gather planning data and give us a sense of the resources we need to serve our students.

If we can change our mind, why do you ask for specific student information?
We are tracking which students have responded so that schools can follow up with families from whom we haven’t received a response. Responses will also help determine potential transportation routes and inform staffing.

When will we be asked to make a formal commitment to one form of learning or another?
That date is not set. We are in the planning and data-gathering process now and will do our best to give families several weeks’ notice before changing our learning format.

When will you make a decision about in-person learning?
We can’t predict when all the factors we’re tracking will come together to indicate safe in-person learning. We are making plans now so that we can move when they do.

What are the factors you’re tracking?
We are tracking COVID infection rates in our city and among our underserved populations, availability of personal protective equipment (including masks), availability in returning to school, family comfort levels and needs in returning to school, how comparable districts are providing learning, and the latest guidance from health officials.