NEMS Students Featured in Photo Exhibition at the U of M
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 12:00 AM

Portrait of Minnesota Youth Story Squad

Principal Vernon Rowe and former Northeast Middle School students Irma O'Meara, Tank Davis, and Danna Rizo are featured in one of 60 life-size color portraits taken by photographer Xavier Tavera for the On Purpose: Portrait of the Liberal Arts photo exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts and its programs.

One of these programs, the Minnesota Youth Story Squad (MYSS), partnered with NEMS during the 2017-2018 school year to "amplify the voices" of NEMS students through its "innovative digital media curriculum," which uses storytelling "to enhance learning and harness young people’s creativity through spoken word poetry, zines, protest posters, and video-making," and which addresses issues "from racism and sexism to mental health and climate change, ultimately creating digital stories that are infused with passion."

To view Xavier Tavera's portrait commemorating this partnership between NEMS and the MYSS, as well an accompanying narrative written by MYSS co-leaders Professor Jigna Desai and Research Associate Kari Smallkoski, please visit On Purpose: Portrait of Minnesota Youth Story Squad on the News & Events page of the U of M website.

For more information about the photo exhibition, which opened Wednesday, September 12 and will be on view at the U of M's Kathernine E. Nash Gallery through Saturday, December 8, please visit Photo exhibition of never-before-seen works kicks off U of M’s College of Liberal Arts’ 150th anniversary celebration, also on the News & Events page of the U of M website.

Tavera, whose photography has been shown in the Twin Cities, nationally, and internationally, and which has received recognition for its "sensitive portrayal of each unique subject," said that photographing Principal Rowe and the students pictured with him "was a complete pleasure."